Writing activity about friendship

Check it out more details here. Here are some common mistakes I see when writing in a best friend secondary character:

Writing activity about friendship

Given here are some Friendship Day celebration ideas to help you make the occasion a memorable one.

writing activity about friendship

The idea behind the Friendship Day activities listed here is have fun on the occasion and to make your friends feel how special they are in your life! In case you too know of a good friendship party idea please send it to us and help us enhance this biggest web site on Friendship Day.

Friendship Activities and Ideas of Celebration A simple idea would be to write a nice card for your friend telling them how much you appreciate their friendship. Please be open in your expression and spill out your heart to them! To touch your friend's heart buy or make them a small present such as flowers, chocolates, friendship bands, a cake, or anything that your friend will appreciate!

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And how about leaving the gift anonymously for added intrigue! Give a warm hug to your friend and let them that have a special place in your heart! Make it a point to call or SMS every one of your friends, old and new, on Friendship Day to let them know you care.

Write your friend a web page to express your friendship online Ring up a radio station and dedicate a song to Friendship Day and your friends! A wonderful idea would be to make some new friends on the occasion by becoming a doer of RAOK - Random Acts of Kindness Buy your friend a ticket to the theatre so you can enjoy a great show together.

If you can't afford this, downscale to the movies! Give your friend a Friendship Bracelet made or bought to symbolize your friendship.

writing activity about friendship

Grab a camera or visit a photo studio and take some photos of you and your friends enjoying yourselves! This is beautiful way to preserve memory. More Thoughtful Friendship Activities Prepare a CD or a cassette that features all the songs that define your friendship or ones that you just happen to mutually like!

Submit a Friendship Tribute to your friend to be posted on the web. Do call all those old friends you haven't spoken to in ages. Remember the girl scout motto - "Make new friends and keep the old, one is silver and the other gold"! Send your dear friends an online Friendship greeting and add a special message.

Make a special friendship book for your best friend. You may include photos, quotes and poetry telling your friends how special they are. Invite your closest buddies over for a sleepover!

Rent some movies, plan out games and arrange for chips, chocolate, cold-drinks and other goodies! If possible bring some blankets outside and watch the stars.

You may also plan a special day with your best friend or friendship group. A picnic is always a fun idea, and great for all ages.

If your group loves adventure you may plan activities such as bowling, golf, boating, river-rafting, cricket or going to the beach. If you are all busy during the day, plan to go out to dinner with your friends. Dress up in your finest and have a fun night that's different and rocking. If possible host a Friendship Dinner Party at your home!The Giving Tree is a heart warming story that provides morals and lessons for children of all ages.

This set of The Giving Tree lesson plans will help your students complete a creative writing activity based on Shel Silverstein's book. This set of creative writing teaching resources contains the following.

Nov 25,  · Are you ready to write a personal narrative? First you have to brainstorm some ideas! This video shows you how to think of topics for your narrative writing.

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Find a Friend. Great getting to know your classmates at the beginning of the year for kindergarten children. These friendship activities and games will help teach kids of all ages valuable lessons about how to build relationships with their peers and classmates. For this activity, you put kids in.

They do a puzzle activity to find 10 key words and use these to complete a gap-fill text about what makes a good friend. Finally, learners work in groups, using the ideas from the lesson to make classroom posters celebrating friendship.".

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