Writing a novel how many words per day

People take a personal challenge of writing 50, words in 30 days.

Writing a novel how many words per day

Blog 6 Novel Writing Exercises Writing a novel is one part endurance, one part creativity, and one part planning. Sometimes the stories can write themselves, but you still need to have an idea about the characters you want to include and the places you wish to take them.

writing a novel how many words per day

One of the most effective exercises to practice this commitment is to keep a log of how you spend time during the day. How long are you on Facebook? How many TV shows do you watch?

Should You Write Daily?

How often do you play video games? By tracking this data, you can then reduce some time on each item and put that time into your novel writing. First Line Majesty Many novels can be defined by their very first line. There are numerous great first lines in literature out there today.

The year that Buttercup was born, the most beautiful woman in the world was a French scullery maid named Annette. This is the hook that brings readers into the rest of your novel. Practice a few first lines each day to see what comes to mind.

You may just discover a creativity spurt that allows you to craft a story around that one line. Word Association Exercises In the world of writing, the words that are used are incredibly important.

Without variation, you end up giving readers boredom because there is nothing new. Take Fifty Shades of Grey as an example of this.

writing a novel how many words per day

The fact is that you can say the same thing, but express it in a different way thanks to the complexity of language. Using word association exercises can help you do this. Could Ana describe her subconscious in a different way?

The more you practice these exercises, then the more versatile your language skills will be, and that will generate the variation your novel needs. Read Your Notes One of the issues that authors run into is being unintentionally repetitive. You may not have time to re-read 14 chapters of work on your novel, but you could re-read the words you wrote the day before.

That way your words have consistency. His chapters are very brief — sometimes only half a page in length. The average chapter length in words is about 2, words.

This is because a chapter is a scene for your novel. The Interview Experiences bring a novel to life. One way to gather these experiences is to head out in public and ask random people some questions.

Just a simple question or two that can help you round out your characters can make all the difference in the world.Dec 02,  · Frederick Forsyth wrote 2, words a day, which famously allowed him to finish Day of the Jackal in 35 days. The children's thriller author Joe Craig says that was why he decided to write 2, words a day as well - to be competitive with attheheels.com: Resolved.

November is ‘National Novel Writing Month’, or NaNoWriMo for short. The challenge is to write 50, words within the month, and this year I am taking on the challenge myself.

It is feasible to count the number of words in a published chapter: count the number of words in several lines, count the number of lines per page, count the number of pages in the chapter, and multiply. Say you have trouble getting more than words done per writing session.

Why Bother with an Outline?

That was the case with me for a long time. If is what you tend to go for, and after that . If you write every day for 30 days, you need 1, words per day to hit 50K.

If you only write on weekdays, you need to write 2, words per day to hit 50K. Whatever your schedule, calculate your minimum word count and hit it every day. Action Plan: Start your daily word count goal to , words per day. By completing 1, words per day, you’ll be looking at your completed 30, word first draft in one month!

By completing 1, words per day, you’ll be looking at your completed 30, word first draft in one month!

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