The rules of attraction

Plot summary[ edit ] The novel is written in the first-person, continuing the aesthetic of Ellis' earlier Less Than Zeroand is told from the points of view of multiple characters.

The rules of attraction

Plot[ edit ] Set in the fictional Camden College in New Hampshirethe film opens at the "End of the World" party, where students Lauren Hynde, Paul Denton, and Sean Bateman give apathetic interior monologues on their lives and briefly exchange glances with one another. Lauren, previously a virgin, takes a film student upstairs to have sex and passes out; she wakes to find herself being raped by a townie while the film student records it, and reflects on how she had planned to lose her virginity to Victor, her now ex-boyfriend.

Meanwhile, Paul, who is gay, tries to have sex with a jock, only to be bashed when it turns out the jock is deeply closeted. The plot then moves backwards several months to the beginning of the school year, and explores the love triangle between Lauren, Paul, and Sean.

The rules of attraction

Paul fantasizes about having sex with Sean while masturbating. Concurrently, Lauren also finds herself attracted to Sean despite saving her virginity for her traveling boyfriend, Victor. Sean reciprocates her feelings, and assumes the anonymous, purple love letters he has started receiving are from Lauren.

Sean masturbates to reading these letters and fantasizes about Lauren.

The rules of attraction

Sean regrets it immediately, and realizes that he is in love with Lauren. Lauren decides to lose her virginity to her Art History professor Lance Lawson.

But being married and worried about losing his tenure, he simply allows her to perform fellatio on him instead. After numerous failed attempts at suicide, Sean fakes his death and, unaware that Lauren recently found a corpse, unintentionally upsets her further when she finds him pretending to be dead.

After stealing drugs from dealer Rupert, Sean tries to speak to Lauren again, asking only to know her. Lauren tells Sean he will never know her, and abandons him.

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She approaches Victor, who has finally returned to Camden College, only to find that Victor is having sex with Lara and does not remember who Lauren is, leaving her completely distraught. Paul throws a snowball at Sean, then angrily runs off in tears. Sean checks his campus mailbox in vain, only to find that the love notes have stopped.

He is then cornered by Rupert and his Jamaican partner, Guest, and brutally beaten. The three protagonists then attend the "End of the World" party and the plot returns to the introduction.

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After seeing Lauren heading upstairs with the film student, Sean finally accepts he cannot be with her, and tears up the purple letters he believes to be from her. It is then revealed that, rather than having sex with the blonde girl as he does in the intro, Sean has an epiphany, reconsiders and he instead leaves his drink and exits.

Sean does not have sex with the woman, Paul does not go off with the "Handsome Dunce" and Lauren does not lose her virginity. Paul and Lauren meet on the house porch and reflect on the recent events, as well as on Sean, whom they watch depart on his motorcycle. Sean begins narrating his final thoughts only for them to end prematurely as the film cuts to the end credits, which are run backwards.

James van der Beek as Sean Bateman, a drug dealer. The character is the younger brother of Patrick Batemanthe main character of American Psycho. Shannyn Sossamon as Lauren Hynde, a virgin who is saving herself for Victor, her ex-boyfriend. Kate Bosworth as Kelly, a girl from the party whom Sean takes back to his room.The Rules of Attraction is a black comedy drama film written and directed by Roger Avary, based on the novel of the same name by Bret Easton Ellis.

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Oct 11,  · The incredibly spoiled and overprivileged students of Camden College are a backdrop for an unusual love triangle between a drug dealer, a virgin and a bisexual classmate/10(K). Apr 10,  · Watch The Rules Of Attraction movie trailer and get the latest cast info, photos, movie review and more on The Rules of Attraction by Ellis, Bret Easton Paperback Book The Fast Free See more like this The Rules of Attraction by Bret Easton Ellis (English) Compact Disc Book Free Sh Brand New.

The Rules of Attraction is a American satirical black comedy-drama movie. It stars James van der Beek and Jessica Biel. This movie is based on the novel of the same name by Bret Easton Ellis. It is about events at a fictional college in New Hampshire.

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