The benefits of buying organic food and conventional food

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The benefits of buying organic food and conventional food

This image has been modified. People appear to spend more for organic foods for selfish reasons, rather than altruistic motives.

Although organic foods may not have more nutrients per dollar see my video Are Organic Foods More Nutritious?

The Benefits and Basics of Organic Food and How to Keep It Affordable

Food safety-wise, researchers found no difference in the risk for contamination with food poisoning bacteria in general. Both organic and conventional animal products have been found to be commonly contaminated with Salmonella and Campylobacter, for example.

Most chicken samples organic and inorganicwere found to be contaminated with Campylobacter, and about a third with Salmonella, but the risk of exposure to multidrug-resistant bacteria was lower with the organic meat.

They both may carry the same risk of making us sick, but food poisoning from organic meat may be easier for doctors to treat. What about the pesticides?

Take Salinas Valley California, for example, where they spray a half million pounds of the stuff. Daring to be pregnant in an agricultural community like that may impair childhood brain development, such that pregnant women with the highest levels running through their bodies as measured in their urine gave birth to children with an average deficit of about seven IQ points.

Twenty-six out of 27 studies showed negative effects of pesticides on brain development in children. These included attention problems, developmental disorders, and short-term memory difficulties.

Even in urban areas, if you compare kids born with higher levels of a common insecticide in their umbilical cord blood, those who were exposed to higher levels are born with brain anomalies.

And these were city kids; so, presumably this was from residential pesticide use. Using insecticides inside your house may also be a contributing risk factor for childhood leukemia. Pregnant farmworkers may be doubling the odds of their child getting leukemia and increase their risk of getting a brain tumor.

Conventional produce may be bad for the pregnant women who pick them, but what about our own family when we eat them? In my video, Are Organic Foods Safer?

The kids then went on an organic diet for five days and then back to the conventional diet. As you can see, eating organic provides a dramatic and immediate protective effect against exposures to pesticides commonly used in agricultural production. The study was subsequently extended.

What about adults, though? If it can be concluded that consumption of organic foods provides protection against pesticides, does that also mean protection against disease?

Nevertheless, in the meantime, the consumption of organic food provides a logical precautionary approach. For more on organic foods:Leifert owns an organic farm in Greece and is a vocal public advocate for the claim that organic foods provide substantial health benefits when compared to conventional products.

The benefits of buying organic food and conventional food

Benbrook, who lost his adjunct professor job at WSU in , had % of his research cited in this meta-review financed by the organic industry. But if you set some priorities, it may be possible to purchase organic food and stay within your food budget.

Know your produce pesticide levels. Some types of conventionally-grown produce are much higher in pesticides than others, and should be avoided.

Others are low enough that buying non-organic is relatively safe.

15 Advantages of Organic Food (and a few disadvantages too) - Sustainable Baby Steps

Sep 04,  · A new study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine finds scant evidence of health benefits from organic foods. differences between organic and conventional food, or the people who eat it.

Overall, organic foods are not nutritionally superior to conventional foods, neither are they safer regarding bacterial contamination, researchers from Stanford University School of Medicine. For more, visit TIME Health. The organic food industry is a booming business, and with the recent sale of natural-foods giant Whole Foods to Amazon, it’s expected to grow even larger in the near.

If you are most interested in reducing pesticides in your food, buy organic versions of foods whose conventional forms may carry high levels of pesticide residues. These include: These include.

Organic Vs Conventional Food