Teaching over learning

But what is it to teaching today if information is everywhere?

Teaching over learning

They remembered enough of it to get a C at best. I did not want to be a victim of the late night cram session, so I had made it a point to review my notes and old tests once a week. I was determined to graduate with honors. I guess the difference between myself and those who crammed was that they did not care too much about having an excellent GPA.

They were there to party and get a degree. Oceana Post 5 Overlearning was the only way I got through my history class in my first semester of college. The professor wanted us to be able to remember dates and names for the pop quizzes that we would have during each class, so I had to study like crazy for these.

The big test of my knowledge came at midterm, though. I aced the test, and it was the hardest we had been given to that date. Perdido Post 4 I have a lot of admiration for actors who memorize all their parts for plays. I had a small part in a play in elementary school, and I practiced it every day for a month before the actual play took place.

I only had two lines, but I knew that they might easily escape me once I stood up in front of a crowd. So, even at a young age and of my own accord, I did some overlearning without knowing what it was called.

Teaching over learning

My lines became my mantra for that month, and I even dreamed about them at times. When the time came to say them on stage, I was ready and confident. Even though I write my own songs, it is possible to forget them if I go for weeks or months without playing them. So, I try to practice all of them at least once a month, if not more frequently.

If I will be performing them live in the near future, I practice them every day. Some people might think this is overdoing it, but I think it is essential. I have a slight amount of stage fright, so it is absolutely vital that I know my songs inside and out.

Overlearning burns my songs into my brain to the point that they become second nature. It is hard to forget what is ever present.Teach Away’s extensive teach abroad programs include teaching jobs with Ministries of Education, private international schools, colleges, universities and private ESL schools.

Teach abroad in public, private, and international schools. Jul 19,  · That is the thing with teaching and learning. There is no perfect formula but there are tendencies and a well accepted common ground in today’s appreciation of learning.


So, is teaching over? It will depend on your definition of teaching. If you want to present information about what you know, and show your students what an expert.

Teaching over learning

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Nov 09,  · Teaching Over, Under, Around, and Through. Learning Spatial Concepts during play One rainy pre-Halloween day, I had an idea to bring a pumpkin into our play. They can begin learning these concepts by discovering where their bodies are in relationship to objects.

We pulled the couch cushions off of the couches and set up tunnels. Feb 15,  · I think the issue about over teaching raised by some teachers/lecturers is the feeling of providing too much material for the students.

Trying to cover the entire syllabus exhaustively without enough room for student-centered activities is Author: One Stop Learning. Oct 23,  · Overlearning is the continued practice or study of material or a skill long after information or the skill has been mastered.

If you were, for instance, studying your multiplication tables, or vocabulary for a foreign language, you would at some point master the material.

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