Swot analysis of paper industry malaysia

We purchase and roast high-quality coffees that we sell, along with handcrafted coffee, tea and other beverages and a variety of high-quality food items, including snack offerings, through company-operated stores. We also sell a variety of coffee and tea products and license our trademarks through other channels such as licensed stores, grocery and foodservice accounts.

Swot analysis of paper industry malaysia

Providing a balanced review of these aspects would assist in making a conclusion on whether the two companies are appropriate investment vehicles.

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British Petroleum British Petroleum BP is known to be among the biggest companies around the globe and deals with gasoline and oil Bamberg Headquartered in the United Kingdom, it is the leading gasoline retailer in the United States.

The company is ranked among the top three gasoline and oil producers internationally. BP's operations are stretched to more than six continents including South America and Asia.

Swot analysis of paper industry malaysia

The company takes part in exploration, production, refining, manufacturing, marketing, and transportation of crude oil, natural gas, and petroleum products Bamberg The top officials of the company do not listen to the bottom employees. As the chief executive officer, Hayward employed visionary leadership style to react to the diverse strategic concerns facing the company.

Management Style, Culture and Structure

By involving their novel middle-management, BP was able to put into practice a new culture. The management was blend from the diverse company entities by a rational human resource strategy. BP has engaged in developing a solid cultural policy to ensure that it remains competitive in the market, and improves and retains its employees.

The structure of the company also modified as a result of acquisitions and mergers. Research shows that BP has a non-hierarchical culture Edersheim Some people argue that the company has lost their culture, and it is linked with the numerous problems faced by BP. For instance, the company's culture resulted in environmental and safety issues.

Lack of answerability, safety violations, and oil spills shows that social responsibility, environmental and safety processes are not incorporated in BP's culture Edersheim The organizational structure of BP has developed towards an empowered, entrepreneurial of business units.

The management levels of the company have been decreased from 13 to 5 to enhance efficiency. The company's organizational structure enables it to operate in an effective way.

This makes certain that employees understand their responsibilities and accountabilities well. For instance, BP restructured its upstream business with an aim of bringing professionals with the same knowledge together.

SWOT Analysis Strengths BP has been able to dominate in the oil industry since its establishment, and this has enabled the company to gain a dominant position in the market. The company is the third biggest internationally in the oil industry.

It is deemed a multinational oil corporation due to its involvement in the global market activities. BP is the biggest gasoline and oil producer in North America.

Research shows that British Petroleum has a substantial market effect, through which it obtains remarkable trading performance in the international energy industry Ferrell The second strength of the company is that it has superior and remarkable performance in the energy industry around the globe.

Through this, the company has been able to maintain it strong in the market.


This has contributed to the success of BP in the energy industry around the globe. The operations of BP are vertically integrated. Research shows that it is among the biggest vertically integrated corporations in the world Boscheck Vertical integration is beneficial as it allows the company to operate in the whole supply chain.

This includes exploration, extraction, transportation, refining, and distribution of oil and oil products. This assists in cutting the costs that could be involved when using middlemen.Malaysia’s tourism industry serves as a vital foreign exchange generator, magnet for investments and a major contributor to the nation’s employment rates.

This paper will look at how a SWOT analysis can help companies maximize their marketing strategies in a global context.

Company Background

All Malaysia Airlines Swot Analysis Essays and Term Papers. SWOT Analysis of Oil Companies Introduction The report provides an analytical review of British petroleum (BP) (international oil company) and PETRONAS (national oil company) in terms of management style, culture, organizational structure, and SWOT analysis.

The Swot Analysis Of Malaysia Economics Essay INTRODUCTION. The electronics industry emerged in the twentieth century and has now become a global industry worth billions of dollars.

Swot analysis of paper industry malaysia

Malaysia Economy SWOT analysis Malaysia - SWOT Analysis For Market Potentiality Summary: The paper attempts to analyze the potential of Malaysia as a prospective market for foreign goods on the basis of SWOT analysis of the cultural and economic aspects.

SWOT Analysis of Starbucks (6 Key Strengths in ) Ovidijus Jurevicius | June 5, This Starbucks SWOT analysis reveals how the largest coffee chain in the world uses its competitive advantages to continue growing so successfully all over the world.

In Malaysia the figure for and , at Ringgit Malaysia (RM) billion and RMbillion respectively, came up to 18%. As per World Trade Organization (WTO), eight developing countries are in the list of the world’s 30 biggest exporters of service sector and Malaysia was ranked 30th in

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