Indian youth survey perspective

Early experimentation with alcohol and drugs places Native youth, in particular, at risk for serious problems.

Indian youth survey perspective

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We exchanged thoughts and ideas of what was actually a turn on and off in politics for us. We delightfully discussed what concerns and factors that eventually lead us balloting a vote for a certain presidential candidate and what might be important things to do after the election.

We came to the shared belief that before and after election are the crucial momentums in redefining the election itself. Hence the participation of the youth to safeguard the moment is something paramount.

Long back in the history, India and Indonesia relationships have blazed the trail into a presentable, visible and mutual one. Both are respectively the strongest democracy nations and possessing the most staunchly young population in the world. These demographic advantages make the election even more lively and participative.

But this only happens if the young people themselves take the pride on the ballot vote, and yes Indian and Indonesian youth are seemingly desirous for that. While the new voters in Indonesia have reached the peak since the Indian youth survey perspective election ever happened in the country.

According to Central statistic agency, It has been estimated that 55 million out of million people registered voters are in the range of year-old age. This digital campaign is very contagious as the digital literacy in Indonesia is soaring high particularly amongst the youth.

The election fever in India in the other hand has united the youth to particularly respond to the notorious Delhi gang rape. They felt the election season is the right time to voice what they want, in this case asking every candidates to provide a better security for people especially women.

Not only that, they frequently marched to the streets to demand a much clearer new government, which is clean from corruption. In a newly formed state like Telangana previously attached to Andhra Pradesh youth voices are collective; to get their long abandoned rights back.

They felt the injustices in terms of the availability of jobs and seats In university. So basically their voices went to candidates or parties who support the establishment of the new state of Telangana. Then the big question pops up. What to do after election?

What is possible contribution for the youth after election? To sneak up this, I interviewed a friend of mine by facebook messenger who is studying Ph. But one thing for sure, you and I have seen the amazing momentum of how we, the youth regardless our different preferences, kept our spirit high to safeguard this political process.

At least there are 4 levels of consciousness to express their voices in politic. They are personal, local, national and international consciousness. The personal consciousness includes self anxiety of whether they will get proper education or not, financially secured or not, or getting bullied at school or even the feeling of how secured they feel living in their country.

The local and national consciousness brings their self awareness higher. In this level they start to think what is good for their country, what issues are urgent to solve and what might be their contributions to solve the problems.

Indian youth survey perspective

Issues like education, health, unemployment, transportation, discrimination, drugs, labor, environment and etc. So, it is not exaggerating if it is always be the young people initiate the rally on the streets even though not all the time their voices are heard by the government most of the time are ignored but at least they do something.

There must be a long winded path that youth have to encounter in the process of maturing themselves in becoming a good national citizen. But there must be a single little step that they need to take to make it an easy walk.

That is by being politically aware and a better version of themselves. Muhammad Kiki Wardana is a chairperson of Indonesian student association in Hyderabad and is currently pursuing M. A Literature in Osmania University.Obesity and American Indians/Alaska Natives American Indian/Alaska Native adolescents are 30 percent more likely than non-Hispanic whites to be obese.

American Indian or Alaska Native adults are 50 percent more likely to be obese than non-Hispanic Whites. Lynne Rienner Publishers, celebrating 35 years of independent publishing, is known for its cutting-edge, high quality scholarly and academic books and journals in politics, social sciences, and the humanities.

Indian Youth Community-based participatory research Introduction Health Statistics, ). According to the Youth Risk Behavior Survey, which uses a national sample of high school youth, AIAN teens had the highest levels of western perspective at public schools.

For AIAN youth . Nearly 55, young persons were detained in residential placements in ; however, the rate of juvenile detention has been declining since Still, males and racial/ethnic minorities are heavily overrepresented in this population.

Promoting Jobs, Protecting People

Emotions and Two-Wheeler Riding: Perspectives of College-Going Youth Riders Seema Mehrotra, Paulomi M. Sudhir, Manoj K. Sharma, Neelima Chakraborty, emotional states associated with two-wheeler riding in urban Indian youth.

The study sampled 1, youth, aged between years, from 30 educational institutes in This exploratory survey. 19K Rafale deal: Had no role in choice of Indian offset partner, says French government.

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