Employment in asian firms is booming but

They're the words of the moment and they all seem to suggest one thing: The future jobs market is far from certain. Load Error Estimates from the World Economic Forum predict that over the next four years, 75 million jobs will be displaced and million new ones created globally as a result of technological developments.

Employment in asian firms is booming but

Blockchain and cryptocurrency jobs are increasingly appealing to job seekers from conventional sectors in Asia. Blockchain technology has been adopted by both start-ups and more established corporations.

Recruitment firm Robert Walters said it has seen a 50 percent increase in the number of roles related to blockchain or cryptocurrencies in Asia since Blockchain and cryptocurrency jobs are increasingly appealing to job seekers from more conventional sectors in Asia — even as the technology's most famous use case struggles on the price front.

Load Error Blockchain technologywhich underpins cryptocurrencies such as bitcoinis a digital record of transactions that cannot be altered.

It has the potential to not only disrupt much of finance, but also many other industries. The much-hyped technology has been adopted over the last two years by both start-ups and more established corporations.

Mainstream interest in the space picked up last year as cryptocurrency prices soared late in If job postings are any indication, that trend is going to grow. Recruitment firm Robert Walters said it has seen a 50 percent increase in the number of roles related to blockchain or cryptocurrencies in Asia sincewith developers with Python language skills among the most highly sought after.

Employment in asian firms is booming but

A cursory search for blockchain jobs on LinkedIn yields results for openings at corporations like IBM along with positions at newer businesses, such as cryptocurrency exchange Binance. And there's also strong interest from job seekers: According to data from job search engine Indeed's main Asian markets Australia, India, Singapore and Malaysiathere's been high interest in blockchain roles.

Due to its relative nascency, however, many of those entering the cryptocurrency and blockchain-related space are coming from other industries. You have very, very few people who are experienced who get into the crypto industry," said Julian Hosp, co-founder of Singapore-based crypto wallet and card start-up TenX.

In fact, even though there are plenty of blockchain enthusiasts looking to join the industry, "not many people have the actual skill sets" required for developer roles, said John Mullally, director of financial services at Robert Walters in Hong Kong. Volatility But as cryptocurrency prices wax and wane, so to have the levels of interest for companies in the space when it comes to recruitment.

Indeed data show Asian job seeker interest in bitcoin-related positions peaked as prices of the digital currency rose in the second half of Bitcoin job interest trended lower after the digital currency came off its record high set last December.

Interest in blockchain-related positions, however, has stayed in an uptrend, Indeed data showed. Lag effect For other outfits in the developing space, prices of crypto assets have had less of an effect on interest.

In the last three to six months, an increasing number of traditional finance professionals have been more interested in looking to make a move into crypto, said Justin Chow, Asia head of business development at Cumberland — the cryptocurrency division of proprietary trading company DRW.

Most of Cumberland's employees come from trading or capital markets backgrounds, with the company saying it viewed hiring at its cryptocurrency arm the same as how it viewed hiring across all asset classes.

The lag effect between the present pick-up in interest and the peak in bitcoin prices in December was probably because finance professionals didn't want to immediately drop their entire careers based solely on last year's surge in prices, Chow said.

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But Cumberland's situation is a little more unique when compared to start-ups operating in the cryptocurrency space, given its ties to an established financial firm.

For capital markets professionals, the price of an asset in decline was not a big issue and hadn't deterred interest in those looking to enter the segment, Chow told CNBC.

A similar lag has played out in China, which banned initial coin offerings and cryptocurrency exchanges last year, but is seen to have remained enthusiastic on blockchain technology. That foundation supports the NEO cryptocurrency, which is one of the top crypto assets by market cap.

The driving force for finance professionals in China to take the leap has partly been the capital market environment in the country, where activities such as initial public offerings are strictly regulated.

Apart from professionals from a tech or financial background, many with experience in marketing, public relations and operations are now also joining the industry.

Those who got into the blockchain space last year tended to have either technical or banking-related experience as positions available then were mostly limited to development or trading, said Zhuling Chen, co-founder of smart contract platform Aelf.Firms that say they source candidates through job postings, job fairs and resume databases are probably not executive search firms but contingency employment agencies who would like to be executive search firms.

Employment in asian firms is booming but

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Statistics made known by Robert Walters, a recruitment firm, show a 50% increase in the number of blockchain and cryptocurrency-related job positions in Asia since last year.

According to the firm, developers with expertise in the Python programming language were in great demand. Good News Doesn't Always Travel Fast. Press International he writes about public policy for a number of publications and for public policy groups including Asian Forum Japan, where he is a.

May 17,  · Asian-Owned Firms Booming. TOOLBOX. Resize Though the number of Asian-owned firms in the District fell slightly, growth in the outer suburbs was explosive, with the number of firms roughly.

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