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Ebis dissertation

The facts used by breeders can vary all the way from in-herd observations, to show results, to including actual performance and genetic evaluation indexes.

We will look at how genomic evaluations are adding trustworthy information to the toolkit that breeders can use to advance their herds genetically.

Breeders knew that there would be a wide variation from the PA numbers, once performance data was added in. Of course, this was lower than the accuracies for extensively daughter proven sires, but a significant step forward.

Young sires released in decreased by Ebis dissertation. For the US A. The degrees of change for TPI were: Definitely, there was an increase in accuracy of prediction of genomic indexes from to With each passing year, breeders can place more and more trust in the accuracy of genomics indexes.

As more animals have their DNA profile established and as more SNIP research is conducted breeders can expect to see further increases in accuracy of genomic indexes. Also, there will, in the future, be the publication for additional genomic indexes for specific fats and proteins, for lifetime performance and Ebis dissertation health and fertility traits.

Similar rates of improved genetic gains were achieved by both Ayrshire and Brown Swiss breeds. Congratulations to the breeders for trusting and using the genomic index information to make faster rates of genetic improvement. A word of thanks goes out to the genetic evaluation centers all over the world for doing the research on and implementation of genomic indexes.

The very significant increased rates of genetic gain may not be duplicated in the future for all traits as breeders are now selecting for many new economically important traits not previously evaluated and published. Over forty years ago, when genetic indexes were first published, frequently breeders thought of them as only being for production traits when they were available for both production and type traits.

Interpret genomic indexes to be genetic indexes that include both pedigree and DNA profile information.

Risks with genomics

Breeders can find genomically evaluated sires for all traits at all A. When selection is practiced in a population, it results in a concentration of good genes and thus inbreeding. So, inbreeding is a natural outcome of selecting the best and eliminating the rest.

There is not a magic level of inbreeding to be avoided. A Midwest US study shows that superior inbred high genetic merit cows are more profitable than inferior genetic merit non-inbred cows.

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Breeders should use and trust that inbreeding is being handled by sire mating programs. These traits have economic significance and include milk quality, fertility, heifer, and cow health immunity, wellness, disease resistance, livability, …birthing, productive life and mobility.

In the future, these functional traits will be expanded as on-farm data, and DNA profiling on animals are recorded and farm data is sent to data analysis centers. Noteworthy is the fact that animal wellness and welfare will be front and center for consumers of dairy products.

Functional trait improvement will require that breeders pay attention to both genetic and farm management. Any gains that can be made by selecting genetically superior animals for their ability to convert feedstuffs to milk and meat have the potential for breeders to make more profit.

Research and data analysis are underway or nearing completion in many countries including US, Netherlands, and Canada on using DNA data combined with nutrition trial data to produce genomic indexes for feed efficiency.

Other trials are underway to electronically capture on-farm data on feed intake, dry matter intake DMI.

Ebis dissertation

It is a well-established fact that level of production is highly correlated to DMI. There will be genomic indexes for feed efficiency likely with years. Once again breeders will have a tool they can trust into breed animals that return more profit. That fact on its own says that breeders purchasing larger volumes of semen are putting their trust in genomic evaluations.

However, breeders wanting daughter proven sire proofs need to be given that option provided they are prepared to pay extra for their semen.

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Breeders check books tell the whole story — Genomic Evaluations are trusted. The Bullvine Bottom Line In less than a decade the use of DNA data in genetic evaluations has gone from unknown and not understood to a trusted source of very useful information.[The dissertation citations contained here are published with the permission of ProQuest LLC.

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Ebis dissertation

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