Deadly decisions essay

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Deadly decisions essay

Deadly Choices in ICU — Essay Sample The process Deadly decisions essay triage in an emergency medical situation is inherently complex and typically insoluble to any truly satisfactory degree, when resources are limited and need exceeds them.

Choices must be made urgently, and these decisions are literally of a life-and-death order.

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Such choices involve medically-based ethical considerations which in turn are tempered by the larger realm of societal ethics, along with a necessarily pragmatic assessment of immediate viability and estimations of outcomes.

The scenario presented deals with an influenza pandemic in a major, metropolitan hospital. Ventilators are in short supply; two are available, but four patients require them.

Meanwhile, four other patients have been on ventilators for ten days, and it must be determined which, if any, of them may be removed from the desperately needed machines. The following will Deadly decisions essay all cases and renders decisions based on both medically specific and ethical concerns.

Existing Cases on Ventilators A stroke victim, a near-drowning victim, a patient with traumatic brain injury, and an elderly female with drug-resistant pneumonia comprise those currently using ventilators.

As will be evident, any dichotomy between actual medical states of the patients and the relevant ethics becomes blurred upon the examinations of these cases.

For instance, despite a few influential factors, it is clearly not advisable to remove any of these patients from the existing treatment. Circumstances, however, compel that selections be made, or at least seriously considered in this situation wherein two ventilators are required.

Before taking into account the needs of the new patients, then, it is best to assess these four; the issues are complex enough, without the additional burden of the exact and pronounced needs waiting.

The first assessment made goes to the elderly woman, and her age is very much a factor.

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While the ethics of triage would prefer to not distinguish by age, the reality is that virtually every culture exerts more efforts to better care for the young: It is not that the elderly are viewed as disposable, but the hard pragmatic realities of a society are unavoidably utilitarian to some degree, and the elderly have essentially fulfilled the greater part of their role in the society.

It must be stressed, again, that this determination to remove the woman from the ventilator is not based on known, individual factors of the waiting patients, for such influences would compromise already undesirable ethical considerations. It is merely necessary here to rely on the accepted, if disagreeable, necessity as acknowledged by the global medical community.

Also of note in this decision is that the woman does not respond to drug treatment. This component has, in fact, been identified as a deciding factor in such emergency cases.

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John Hick of the Hennepin County Medical Canter in Minneapolis was among the first to isolate triage specifications and utilization criteria in cases of ventilator shortages, and he developed a Ventilator Triage Tool. The criteria are relatively basic, and point to extreme circumstances where the probability of survival is small, but this situation is referred to in it: Having enabled another ventilator, three are now available for the four new cases.

At this stage, then, with only an urgent need for one more ventilator, the wisest course is to now examine the needs of those new cases.Risk Society Essay. Risk has been a topic of considerable debate among academics, policy makers, and members of the general public for several decades.

Only until recently have members of the scientific community investigated how humans make risk-based decisions, and how these decision-making processes affect the wider society, both.

Deadly decisions essay

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In the book Deadly Decisions by Kathy Reichs, Dr. Temperance Brennan is a forensic anthropologist who uses her forensic skills, inquiring mind and keen eye for detail to unravel a sequence of. Aug 30,  · fateful triage decisions At about 2 a.m. on Wednesday, Aug. 31 — nearly 48 hours after Katrina made landfall near New Orleans — Memorial’s backup generators sputtered and stopped.

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