Bmw mini marketing case study

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Bmw mini marketing case study

BMW Add in library Click this icon and make it bookmark in your library to refer it later. Introduction The strategic management is considered as the process of planning in order to develop strategy either in the context of domestic circle or international circle.

Therefore, strategic management is helpful for the industries all around the globe to gain higher benefit from the international as well as from domestic market.

The current study will be focusing on the key dilemma that has been faced by the company. The company has been focused on BMW. Therefore, the issues will be explained considering internal analysis of BMW and different strategy will be mentioned to have a deep understanding.

It is evident that cost structure of BMW is relatively higher in comparison to other bigger car manufacturing company. The company is involved in producing quality and costly cars which is impossible for the middle income group people to buy the cars.

Apart from that, company involve high cost in recruiting high skilled workforce Avery and Bergsteiner, Therefore, it is one of the weakness of the company control their cost. According to Bailey and Ruyterdifferentiation signifies that the marketing mix is extensively different from and effective than what is accessible from the rivals.

On the other hand, the product differentiation is treated as the core element of the company to gain healthy and higher market share and remain ahead of the major competitors. It is known that there are large numbers of options for the buyers of vehicle to buy from all over the globe that has the same functional characteristics which is involved in the costly cars.

Therefore, BMW is forced due to such issue to manufacture and develop unique products so that they can cope up with the preference, taste and fickle requirements of the car lovers Chen, Thus, the differentiation increases the budget of the company so that they do not lose their market share to other competitors available in the car industry.

The commitment towards the variety of product and innovation has lead to bigger challenges in the organisations.

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Therefore, the complexity of functions that are provided in the premium luxurious cars of BMW has multiplied the manufacturing cost of the company.

On the other hand, Fang n. The cost of developing or manufacturing a fresh model or port is relatively high, time overwhelming and holds key risks. Therefore, the company is facing with steep procedure of innovating prototypes and also receiving high risk level testing phase.

Thus, the innovating the product is a serious issue which is faced by the company in order to maintain their market cap. The high level of competition from the competitors can make strategic planning of the company not to provide full support.

As per Harbourthe automobile industry is growing slowly which increase the intense competition among the big car manufacturing company. Therefore, it has affected the strategy of the BMW. Thus, in order to lead the market, BMW is forced to have merger and partners.

BMW acquired Rover and further the company merged with Rolls Royce to become leader of the market in relation to luxury cars. Apart from that, Kim mentioned that substitute product can take away the sales percent of the company and market share.

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Therefore, BMW is targeting premium consumers and not on the average customers. The premium buyers are targeted as for them quality matters that provide high comfort. Therefore, these are the possible substitute for the cars offered by BMW.

Therefore, the governments, non government enterprises and activists of environment are forcing the major manufacturing industries to go green and sustainable. Therefore, it has impacted the BMW to develop the car in expected way.

As per the sources, BMW has expected to sale over 2. Therefore, it made the company to include extra costs in innovation for environmentally friend fuels or engines and also making investment into the alternative energy sources to run the cars.

It is also known that most manufacturing site is possessed by BMW. However, Madhani mentioned that BMW group is not able to gain the similar economies of scale of the rivals due to holding three various premium brands.

Moreover, it was mentioned that momentous investment in research and development is tough for the company to recover. Due to that, BMW is able to foresee and react quickly to the changes occur in the market.

The strategic alliances with Alfa Romeo and Fiat were effective for the company to generate advantage from the cost savings and gain economies of scale. On the other hand, Colbert pointed that Resource based View can be effective in understanding and analysing the internal situation of the company.

Therefore, the model will help in knowing the competitive advantage of BMW.

Bmw mini marketing case study

Hasnelly and Sariexplained that RBV consider resources as the major factors which helps in superior performance of firm.Case Study: MINI Cooper Project Challenge MINI Cooper’s popular family of automobiles wanted to introduce their newest member, the ‘Clubman’, to American consumers with a non-traditional, high impact approach sure to generate.

– The paper aims to investigate the main aspects of perceptions of the Mini brand in the UK. Given that consumers' perceptions of a brand are represented by brand awareness and brand image, this research undertakes an in‐depth investigation of the image of the BMW Mini brand in its most established market.

A Comparative Study between Thai and UK Customers’ Perceptions JAKRAPAN ANURIT KARIN NEWMAN The premium marques such as BMW, Lexus, and Mercedes-Benz must emphasize their Rover Mini along with their mid-size range.

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Bmw mini marketing case study

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