American identity essays

Religious freedom was the reason for becoming American for early settlers. The Quakers, who settled Pennsylvania, believed that the revelation of God comes through personal experience. Both Quakers and Puritans were instrumental in the anti-slavery movement that helped to fuel the fire for abolition. Maryland granted freedom for Christians of all denominations and became a haven for Catholics.

American identity essays

When the first settlers came to America from Europe they came to start a new world, a new country together.

They identified as a group of people from assorted countries coming together as one. When it comes to people living in the United States they share one common trait in their national identity, which is the freedom to live their life in the manner they choose. The Melting Pot People around the world have left behind their lives in other countries and immigrated to the United States in hopes for a brighter future.

American identity essays

Immigrants left war-torn countries, countries in which they suffered tremendous oppression to come to America. These individuals made this decision because the national identity of America has boasted a land in which people had immeasurable rights and freedoms not allowed in other countries.

In a country with such ethnic diversity, one thing that America has never had with regard to national identity is an ethnic identity. Americans are of all races, colors, and creeds. Unlike many other countries with an ethnic identity it is simply not possibility to put an ethnic face on Americans.

This extreme ethnic identity is a direct result of the never ending influx of people of all ethnicities coming to America since its founding.

Tensions over Diversity With an incredible influx of so many different races, religions, and cultures coming to America, the national identity was one of diversity but one of conflict.

Like all countries throughout history tensions between those born in the United States and those that immigrated to the country caused tension and a blurred line related to exactly what the national identity of America was. People of all races, religions, cultures, and monetary levels came together as a nation.

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There was pride in being an American, even if through emigrating from another country after birth. There was resurgence in patriotism. Americans, despite suffering tremendous losses on September 11, reaffirmed belief in the United States and what living in the country stands for as a person.

The United States was no longer a country where the differences in languages, religious and culture beliefs were diminishing or erasing the American national identity. Americans came together as a show of solidarity with each other.

The national identity of Americans is about more than the red, white, and blue, the Pledge of Allegiance, and the Star Spangled Banner. The national identity is about patriotism and a blending of many cultures.


In more recent years the American national identity has come to mean many things, and not all of them are positive. Regardless of your personal opinion of the current state of the United States, one thing remains the same, Americans have the freedom to be who they are, believe in what they want, and voice their opinions and beliefs even if people disagree.

Freedom of speech and freedoms in general, will continue to remain the most important aspects to the American national identity.Latin American literature - The 20th century: Eventually the innovations of Modernismo became routine, and poets began to look elsewhere for ways to be original.

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Book by Hofstadter, Richard. Aug 03,  · American Identity Works Cited Not Included American identity has been created by many events throughout the course of history.

American identity essays

This country was founded on the clashing and mixing of many different cultures and lifestyles.

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